Why choose Auxilium to look after your Employment Services needs?


Whether you need an all-in-one HR outsourcing partner, or an enterprise-class administrative solution, by choosing Auxilium’s leaseback services you can free your resources for more strategic priorities, such as expanding your business.


What is Leaseback?


Leaseback is a comprehensive form of PEO which enables your company to operate anywhere  in the world without the necessity of opening a separately registered company in the relevant country.


Leaseback helps fast-moving companies put their focus where it belongs: on business success. It helps you to make the most out of your biggest investment: human capital to increase profitability. This therefore enables you to go ahead with your expansion plans in a structured and simple way.


* Through our partners in almost every country and on all five continents we will employ your chosen representatives on your behalf.

* We will assist in providing all relevant visa’s, work permits, and documentation to ensure local compliance.

* We will take care of all payroll issues, including Tax, Social security, and other costs relevant to the particular location.

* We will ensure complete compliance with labor laws in the specific locality.

* We will produce all relevant reports, pay slips, end of period documentation, in line with specific local requirement and requirements of your company.

* We will be your route to providing employment service solutions anywhere in the world


What We Offer


Auxilium will act as your executive level contact and will perform the following to enhance the leaseback offering of employment services:


* Pre-employment screening

* Professional support with all contractual issues

* Relocation and integration support

* On-site visits and support meetings

* Addressing complex HR-related issues on your behalf in each location

* Termination review and guidance

* Visa administration

* Compliance guidance and support

* Customising and localising policies and procedures

* Employee communication

* Employee Benefits

* Employee record and file management

* Payroll services

* Executive search and recruitment


Auxilium helps you put your focus where it belongs by enabling you to expand your business both locally and globally.


Benefits To You


* Employee services in a given country can be up and running in a very short timescale.

* No need to set up expensive, complex company infrastructures = low risk and minimal investment.

* Ability to acclimatise to new markets without heavy upfront investment and risk.

* Commitment can be limited to length of contract.

* Minimal legal fees and no compliance issues.

* Existing employees can be accommodated and/or new employees can be recruited.

* Global project management with local support in any location.

* Central project management means single source responsibility.

* Simplified, strong communications.


Auxilium helps you put your focus where it belongs by enabling you to expand your business both locally and globally.


Typical Client


Why Choose Auxilium?

Our typical customer is a dynamic enterprise with a strong desire and need to take advantage of the global market in a shrinking world. Our typical client realizes that to concentrate solely on their own local market will minimise growth opportunites.


Start up operation?

In a proposed new territory use of leaseback will enable your company to start with a very small operation, eg: one person. The Plan however would be to maximise this market with minimum risk and investment. Auxilium is a partner who understands the specific requirements of the business and who manages all administrative and employment challenges on your behalf.


Peace of Mind

Our typical client will see the value of using a partner such as Auxilium, as the solution to overcoming the challenges of starting a business or commercial activity in another country.


Auxilium helps you put your focus where it belongs by enabling you to expand your business both locally and globally.